About the jewels

The jewelryTo me, each piece is a personal amulet created from the heart.  I've always had an attraction for hand rubbed, imperfect rugged jewelry, usually one of a kinds and  pieces that speak to the soul of the beholder.  

My materials of choice are Nevada turquoise, handblown glass, pearls, quartz, raw gemstones, sterling silver, leather and rocks.  They're the staples to what makes creek jewelry what it is, unique soulful jewelry.

The studioI work in a studio along side a little spring fed creek, it's built of recycled wood, and materials left over from local construction sites. This year new flooring was added from a historic homestead built nearly 100 years ago belonging to a well loved family in my town.   I'm honored to stand on these wood planks and create hand wrought jewelry from my heart to yours. 

MeMy name is Cindy, those who know me know that I'm unorthodox as far as my work habits. I'm busy, very busy, I work from my heart which sees & feels so much life, and I act on every thought every second of every day. At any given moment, I can be found in the studio forging metal on an old redwood log, blowing glass beads, or in my office with my two hounds "Lily & Roux dog" assembling jewelry or exploring new ideas.

My passion is landscape photography which is my second job. And then there's art, that's an entirely different chamber of my life.                                                                                                                              



"Be your own kind of beautiful"